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Rattle Snake Radio Radio en direct

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Rattle Snake Radio is a renowned and highly-rated radio station based in Haiti. It broadcasts in both French and Haitian Creole languages, providing a diverse audience with a range of culturally rich programming. The station primarily serves the Northern region of Haiti, including the cities of Cap-Haïtien, Fort-Liberté, and Milot.

Rattle Snake Radio prides itself on its carefully curated daily schedule that features a blend of music genres, informative news, engaging cultural programs, and thought-provoking talk shows. The station also integrates community-driven initiatives, which provide a platform for local voices to be heard, and inspire action towards positive change within the region.

With its outstanding programming and enthusiastic on-air personalities, Rattle Snake Radio has established itself as a preferred station for audiences seeking quality entertainment, informative discussions, and local news in Haiti's Northern region. Tune in to Rattle Snake Radio via their website, www.rattlesnakeradio.com, or on any of their social media pages.
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