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Radio Realite FM 95.1 Radio en direct

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Radio Realite FM 95.1 is a popular radio station in Haiti that broadcasts in the French and Haitian Creole languages. The station is based in Port-au-Prince but caters to the entire country, providing reliable and up-to-date news, information and entertainment to its listeners. Radio Realite FM 95.1 boasts a dynamic lineup of programs that cater to a wide audience, including news, music, talk shows, religious programs and other entertaining segments. Their schedule includes popular shows such as "Bonne Chanson", "Koudmen", and "Jou Nan Jou". The station prides itself on being a voice for the people, offering a platform for discussions and debates on current affairs and social issues. With its reach spanning across different regions of Haiti, Radio Realite FM 95.1 is a trusted source of news and entertainment for countless Haitians. You can stream the station live on their website at https://www.radiorealite.net/.
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