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Radio Genistar Radio en direct

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Radio Genistar is a popular Haitian radio station that broadcasts from its headquarters in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The station caters to listeners from all across Haiti, with a focus on providing quality programming that appeals to a wide range of audiences. With a diverse range of shows and segments, Radio Genistar has become a trusted source of news, music, entertainment, and culture for Haitian listeners.

Listeners can tune in to Radio Genistar at any time of the day or night, with a schedule that runs 24/7. The station's programming includes a mix of music, talk shows, news broadcasts, and special features, with each show designed to appeal to a different segment of the Haitian population. Some of the station's most popular shows include "Bouyon," "Chill Out," and "Nouvelles du matin," which cover everything from the latest news updates to local music and cultural events. With a dedicated team of skilled professionals and a commitment to providing high-quality programming for listeners, Radio Genistar is a top choice for anyone looking for quality content and entertainment in Haiti.
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