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Radio Tele Sigma 104.9 Radio en direct

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Radio Tele Sigma 104.9 is a popular radio station based in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. The channel is dedicated to providing the people of Cap-Haïtien and the surrounding regions with access to quality news, information, entertainment, and cultural programming. The channel’s programming is available in the French language and has something for everyone from morning shows to evening programs.

Radio Tele Sigma 104.9 offers a wide range of programs that cater to different age groups and interests. Their schedule includes news updates, talk shows, music shows, and night-time programs. They also air live sports events, interviews, and community events.

Radio Tele Sigma is a hub for local music and culture in Cap-Haïtien, with regular programming dedicated to featuring traditional Haitian music and artists. The channel also offers news and current affairs programming that provides insight into the socio-political situation in the region.

Whether listeners tune in for news updates or just to hear their favorite tunes, Radio Tele Sigma 104.9 is a go-to radio channel for residents of Cap-Haïtien and its surrounding areas.
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