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Radio Tele Paradis 104.7 FM Radio en direct

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Radio Tele Paradis 104.7 FM is a Haitian radio station based in Cap-Haïtien. The station serves the local population of the city as well as surrounding regions in Haiti. The channel's programming includes a variety of content, including news, music and cultural programs. Radio Tele Paradis aims to provide its listeners with an inclusive and informative listening experience through its broadcasts. The station's schedule includes daily news updates, local and international music shows, as well as religious programming. The website, http://www.radioteleparadis.com, also provides additional content such as articles, videos, and live streaming of the radio station. Overall, Radio Tele Paradis 104.7 FM is a go-to radio station for the Haitian community looking for a mix of informative and entertaining programming.
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Écouter Radio Tele Paradis 104.7 FM dans l'application radio.net