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Radio Communautaire de Ferme Leblanc RCF Radio en direct

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Radio Communautaire de Ferme Leblanc (RCF) is a community radio station based in Haiti that is committed to promoting the interests and well-being of the local population in and around Ferme Leblanc. Broadcasting in the local language of fr_HT, RCF provides relevant information and educational programming on topics ranging from health and agriculture to politics and economics. The station serves as a platform for community expression and allows residents to voice their concerns and discuss issues that affect their daily lives.

RCF operates a schedule from 6 am until 10 pm, featuring a wide array of programs that cater to different interests and audiences. Some of the station's notable shows include "Fi Plezi," a music program that plays the latest Haitian hits, as well as "Pwogram Jenès," a youth-oriented talk show that addresses social and cultural issues affecting young people in the community. RCF is a vital part of the local culture in Ferme Leblanc and continues to serve as a reliable source of information and entertainment for the Haitian people.
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Écouter Radio Communautaire de Ferme Leblanc RCF dans l'application radio.net
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